Putin took officials personally responsible for the fall of incomes of Russians, explaining his

Putin took officials personally responsible for the fall of incomes of Russians, explaining his Putin took officials personally responsible for the fall of incomes of Russians, explaining his “objective reasons”
the Press service of the President of Russia

the President of the Russian Federation in a new series of project TASS “20 questions to Vladimir Putin explained the “objective reasons” the fall of real incomes of Russians and did not call personally responsible for this situation. “What can you say about personal responsibility, if decrease in prices for oil on the world market?” – said the head of state.

He added that Russia is moving away from oil and gas dependence and the share of non-oil revenues is growing, “but it takes time, it will not make one snap of the fingers”. Stagnation, according to Putin, is also associated with a sharp drop in energy prices. “While all of us was growing, oil was 100 or more per barrel. And now 60. There is a difference? Two times almost. So we went to these national projects to change the structure of the economy and push the development on its own base. But to wait for years people can’t either,” admitted Putin.

the President once again reiterated that it was “very worried” the fall in the real incomes of Russians. “I do understand that this is one of the key social problems. We have to do something, the government needs to do something to make this push, a lot of ways,” said Putin.

Speaking of inflation, decrease in which the Russians, looking in the refrigerator, do not notice, the President said that the TSEHN “grow minimally,” and started to remember what the situation was in the early 2000-ies and 90-ies: “20,5, in my opinion, was inflation. And in 1999, when I became Prime Minister, was 36, I think, 35. And in 1992-m – 2600 points, and now 3 in 3 turns, somewhere to 3.4 to 3.5”. Putin stressed that it matters.

“the Other thing is that along with inflation targeting, of course, raise real incomes, it is quite obvious. In terms of our economic structure is not so simple, but additional efforts that the government is obliged to take, and now we’re discussing it”, – added the head of state.

During the conversation, Putin also made it clear that Russia is in a state of economic stability, not stagnation, which is a “backward movement, no development”. Responding to the remark of the journalist Andrei Vandenko that since 2008, Russia began “running in place bracing”, Putin again gave the example of the situation in the beginning of his rise to power: the base was then “just worthless,” the debts of the state sostavyali 145 billion, and below the poverty line lived 42 million people. However, the President admitted, the poor and now a lot of 13,5 million, “but it’s still not a third” of the population.

“was Not visible the end and edge, it was not clear how we’ll deal with it. We have since then till today, I’m going to say, and people will begin to doubt, but it’s a fact: real wages grew by 4.2%, pensions – almost 3 times of 2.9, and the real income grew by 2.4, 2.4 times,” he listed Putin. However, he agreed that this does not mean that “today all is well, even on the contrary.” “And furthermore, people did not compare with what it was yesterday, how bad it was yesterday, and how it should be good tomorrow. And when they do not see what they want to see is disappointing. Honestly, I do feel that way,” said the President.

Speaking about the world economic crisis of 2008 year, Putin twice said that he broke the “not our fault” and came to Russia from the outside. He recalled that, being at that time Prime Minister, “was forced” to speak publicly is a risky thing – it will not allow a repeat of the 1998 crisis, “when crashed all the savings of citizens”. “We will not allow this, but it really had a negative impact on our development. But honestly, we were to blame in this. This global financial and then economic crisis that came from outside,” Putin summed up.

After the release of a new series of interview of the President about the stagnation of incomes of Russians and asked his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov. Reporters asked why the income of Russians has not grown in recent years, despite the budget surplus and macroeconomic stability. Peskov said that macroeconomic stability is a “margin of safety” and without it “we could face declining income of the population, such as it was, for example, in the 1990-ies”.

According to Peskov, in 2019, the falling revenues were halted by the national projects. “This is in itself an important result, which allows to expect that in the coming years it will be possible to reach the positive dynamics”, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”.

In January, the auditors of the accounts chamber came to the conclusion that the new social initiatives, Putin may not be enough to bring out of poverty nearly 1 million Russians in 2020. In the opinion on the draft amendments to the Federal budget for the years 2020-2022, the auditors noted that the forecast by the government to reduce poverty in the country to 10.8% during this period, exaggerated, and “not all tools are focused directly on the poor”.