Putin told who and what quarrel Russia with Ukraine

In the second part of an interview with TASS for the project “20 questions to Vladimir Putin” the President of Russia gave an answer to the question, why “take away” Russia and Ukraine. Cooperation between the two countries is not beneficial to a number of countries, Putin said, because the joint efforts of Moscow and Kiev, their features and benefits, and provides them a global competitor.

Competitor both in Europe and in the world, said Vladimir Putin. The Russian President did not specify and list which countries are interested in removing from the road competitor. Meanwhile, Putin added that having come to power in Kiev, the people and those who headed the Ukraine, pursued personal interests.

“And what are they? Not even to earn more money by robbing the Ukrainian people, and keep that loot so far, — Putin continued. — That’s the main challenge.”

the Russian President has apologized for the language, but asked the main question: where is the money these people? And he himself answered – money in foreign banks.

“These people are those who have the money. Hence then the only thing they sell is Russophobia, — said the Russian President. Because some people like to divide Ukraine and Russia, they believe that this is an extremely important task.”

See the second part of the interview to “20 questions to Vladimir Putin” on the channel “Russia 24” and on the website https://putin.tass.ru. Great interview with Putin on the 20-year-old stay policy at the highest state posts. The screening interview was launched on 20 February 2020. The rest of the series project will go three or four times a week during the month.