Putin told Assad about the talks with Erdogan

the results of the talks in Moscow with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad on the phone said the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin. Putin stressed that the implementation of the reached agreements will help stabilize the situation in Idlib. Bashar al-Assad thanked the Russian President for his support in the fight against terrorists, efforts to ensure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

Putin and Erdogan agreed on a cease-fire with 0 hours 01 minutes on March 6 in Iglinskiy zone, reports TASS. In addition, the Turkish armed forces and the Russian military police will begin joint patrols along the route of the M4, which connects Aleppo and Latakia. Along the route needs to be installed 6-mile security corridor in both directions from the road.

Moscow and Ankara have confirmed their strong commitment to combating terrorism and preserving the Syrian sovereignty.

the Talks between Putin and Erdogan took place after the city of Sarakibe killed more than three dozen Turkish soldiers. They were part of the coming town on the terrorist units, came under Syrian fire. Vladimir Putin stressed that neither Russian nor Syrian military on the location of their Turkish colleagues did not know, because the Turkish army was not informed about the location coordinates of the soldiers. At the same time Putin expressed condolences to Erdogan, stressing that the Syrian army has suffered losses.