Grandchildren can call the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin and through. As reported RIA Novosti, he told himself.

In 2018, according to “Rambler” on TV channel “Russia” started the show “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” the President of Russia. Episodes of the program on a weekly basis on Sundays. In the announcement release, which will be shown this week, Putin asked if his grandchildren to call him in the Kremlin.

“to Call can. They get through,” he replies.

Putin for 30 years, was married to Lyudmila Skrebneski. They were married in 1983. In 1985 they had a daughter Mary, and in 1986 a daughter Catherine. In 2017, Putin said that he has grandchildren, one in kindergarten, one was born recently, they live in Russia a normal private life. Then the President explained the reluctance to talk about the grandchildren more by a desire to grow up as normal people and not the princes of the blood.

“when I now say age, name — they will be immediately identified, will not leave them alone. It would be detrimental to the child’s development”, — he noted.