Putin: There is nothing more important than the health and lives of our citizens

the outcome of the vote determines the fate of a package of amendments: if the citizens support, they will take effect, if you do not support – will not come.

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev/ RIA Novosti Putin instructed to increase the salaries of doctors for combating coronavirus

the wording of the question on the ballot spelled out in the decree. The President decided to put to nationwide vote the question: “do You approve the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation?”

At the meeting with Pamfilova Putin said that the Central election Commission, and has begun preparations for the Russian vote: “This is a very important, big job.”

the President explained that he had signed a decree with a certain date. In accordance with the law after the publication of the decree, the vote should be carried out not earlier than in a month, and later, Putin said. “Moreover, the period when the later – in law is not indicated,” said he.

“Very much hope that the citizens, realizing the importance of decisions on amendments to the Constitution realizing that it is extremely important for our country and to reveal the social nature of our state, to make decisions and to note it in the Main Law of Russia, a priority of our law over international, to identify other important things related to our traditions, our culture, history, – knowing all this, citizens will go to the polls and Express their opinion on the proposed amendments to the Constitution”, – Putin said.

But, having in mind the difficult epidemiological situation in the world, which is not as acute as in other countries, but affects Russia, “we will hold this vote only in the case if the situation will allow for such events”, was designated by the President. “Because that despite the importance of changes in the Basic Law of the country there is nothing more important than the health and lives of our citizens,” he said.

Photo: Alexander Astafyev/RIA Novosti Putin urged not to waste money on products

“we’ll see based on the prevailing situation”, – Putin continued. “However, I beg you and your colleagues on the ground are not to leave this job, on the contrary, to hold her and to prepare for this General vote,” he said. The President expects that the CEC uses all the tools to vote was at the highest level, in compliance with all requirements of law and with the use of modern technology.

As explained TASS the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, it would be illogical to sign a decree with an open date. “Therefore, guided by the priority of the security of citizens, the President said that it is necessary to monitor the situation. If necessary and in case of adverse development of the situation may move that date,” he said.