President Vladimir Putin held a separate meeting with defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on Board after the parade of the Navy, where he gave words of gratitude to staff. Footage of the meeting showed the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Tell the words of gratitude to all the personnel of the event”, – RIA “news” words of the Russian leader.

Shoigu, in turn, thanked the head of state, noting that “all were preparing for this parade.”

Informed military attaches from more than 30 countries after the visit of the chief of naval parade in St. Petersburg, praised its organization and scale.

It is known that during the main naval parade in St. Petersburg were involved in 46 ships, boats and vessels, including the frigate “Admiral Kasatonov”, the big antisubmarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, large landing and small missile ships, corvettes, submarines.

In addition, the parade in St. Petersburg has implemented a new technology of shoot – camera “took place” right under the ship, which allowed us to see the parade from a different angle.