Putin supported the extension of the moratorium on planned inspections of small businesses

the Businessmen reminded that the deadline of the ban on testing will expire this year and asked to consider the possibility of extending this measure.

Photo: Nina zotina/RIA Novosti Most importantly from the appeal of Vladimir Putin to the citizens of

the Head of state reminded that in the current situation of the fight against the spread of coronavirus, the authorities took the decision to restrict various checks. “The business and without that, faced with a fairly big problems,” he said. The exception being for checks that are associated with the life and health of citizens.

“But the moratorium – Yes, it’s not a bad idea, in this situation it is quite popular. We will remember what you said, will try to implement it”, – said the President.

the fact that Russia introduced a moratorium on testing (not just planned) enterprises from the register of small and medium business, including tax and customs, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the government meeting on March 19. He also noted that the sector of small and medium business employed millions of people.

At the same meeting, it was announced that for three months introduces a delay in the payment of insurance premiums for these businesses, as well as a temporary extension of payment of lease payments for state and municipal property.

Video: RT