Putin submitted to the Duma amendments to the bill on amendments to the Constitution

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent to the state Duma amendments for the second reading of the bill on amendments to the Constitution, they take up 24 pages. On Monday was announced by the speaker of the lower chamber Vyacheslav Volodin.

“Received the amendment of the President, which he previously said. They set out on pages 24,” – said Volodin before the meeting of the Council of the State Duma. His words leads to “Interfax”.

the Speaker in this case did not disclose their contents. “They just received, forwarded to the relevant Committee on state construction and legislation. The Committee will study them” – he explained. Volodin said that “some of these amendments were made at the meetings with the initiative group, which the President constantly invited to dialogue.”

Asked about the possibility of extending the deadline for proposing amendments, Volodin has reminded that it was Monday, March 2. “Let us proceed, first, from the fact that today is the final day of acceptance of the amendments. Within the time allotted today, many of the amendments sent to the Committee,” he said, adding that amendments will be accepted until 18:00.

Earlier on Monday, Vyacheslav Volodin told about how formulated one of the amendments to the Constitution submitted by the President. It refers to the Almighty.

“the Russian Federation, United by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of ancestors who have conveyed to us the ideals and faith in God, and the continuity of the development of the Russian state, recognizes the historically established state unity,” read the amendment Volodin.

the Chairman of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation on human rights (HRC) Valery Fadeev believes that many approved a presidential amendment of the mention of God. “I am very calm, God mentioned in the anthem of Russia, we safely sing, nothing terrible happens. Dumayu, a positive attitude to this. Can’t see anyone who would have performed the anthem of Russia, resenting the fact that there are references to God,” said Fadeev.

the Journalist and historian Nikolai Svanidze, a part of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights, in turn, criticized the amendment. “Because someone’s ancestors gave faith in God, someone has not passed. We have a secular country according to the current Constitution, the separation of Church and state. There are people of faith, there are non-believers. It turns out, this formulation of the unbelievers prints the brackets of the state,” said journalist and historian. In his opinion, “this is wrong, but, again proposed by the President, it will be accepted, so we will have to live with it”.

With the proposal to include mention of God in the Constitution of the Russian Federation in February by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill. “Let’s pray, work, and in our basic law mentioned God. Because the majority of Russian citizens believes in God. I’m not talking only about the Orthodox – I am also talking about Muslims and many, many others. If the anthem can be “stored God native land”, why this can not be said in our Constitution?” – said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

another amendment, the President proposed to consolidate the concept of marriage as the Union of a man and woman. It is reported TASS with reference to Deputy Peter Tolstoy.

“For me, the most important is the proposal to consolidate the basic law concept of marriage as the Union of a man and woman. And I am glad that this amendment appeared over the signature of the President,” said Colon.

Earlier the President of Russia at the meeting with the working group on amendments to the Constitution considered the right idea to fix the concept of marriage as the Union of a man and woman. He noted that the idea itself is to protect traditional family values, including traditional family structure was correct but pointed out must select exact wording.

Putin also proposed to enshrine in the Constitution that Russia – the legal successor of the Soviet Union, and to prohibit any actions or calls directed to the alienation of the territory of the country, reports radio “Svoboda”.

January 15, Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly. In it, he announced plans to amend the Constitution of Russia. In particular, the President stated the need to set the priority of the Russian Constitution over international law, and to secure in basic law the status and role of the state Council restored them.

To create the appearance of public desire to “facelift” the Constitution, Putin immediately after the announcement of the initiative has established a working group for preparation of amendments to the Constitution, which included 75 people. Among them, counted only 11 lawyers, and the company they were doctors, actors, athletes and Cossack ataman. All this motley crowd unites willingness to support the President in his endeavors and even getting ahead of ourselves in the striving to please him. So, the working group proposed to rename the President in the “Supreme ruler”.

the working group has developed rough activity on the search for sonorous language that could be included if not in the article, in the preamble of the Constitution. It was proposed to add the task of combating the falsification of history, to prescribe the status of Russia as “the victorious powers” in world war II, and Christianity to designate the main religion that actually violates one of the main civil rights – freedom of conscience. In addition, all these deliberately controversial amendments create information noise, distracting from other changes directly to the articles of the Constitution. Finally, these amendments give the Kremlin room for maneuver and the possibility to reject part of the proposals to portray an objective approach and showing a willingness to compromise.

the state Duma on January 23 unanimously adopted in the first reading introduced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the bill on amendments to the basic law of the country. As expected, the second reading of the bill will pass in the state Duma on 10 March, a national voting on April 22.

The organization of the vote will be spent huge amounts of money, comparable to the cost of holding presidential elections in March 2018 – more than 14 billion rubles the Kremlin has also instructed the regions to create the atmosphere of celebration in honor of the amendments to the Constitution. As part of holiday deals with buffets, concerts and other cultural events.

According to the “Levada-center”, 47% of Russians believe that the amendments to the Constitution is necessary primarily in order to allow the incumbent President to retain power after 2024. However, Putin says that the amendment “dictated by life,” not his desire to stay in power.

Experts note that the total content of Putin’s initiatives is still not completely understandable for citizens: clarifications from the authorities is not enough. Moreover, the amendments themselves are contrary to the law, not interconnected, and the vote they will be submitted as a single package, effectively denying citizens the right to vote for each amendment separately.

Experts say that the will’s amendment actually appears beyond the existing legislation, as it is not in the form of a referendum in a legally amorphous nationwide voting. Violations during the voting on amendments any documents are not regulated. The vote itself will be held with weakened public control. In particular, there will be no foreign observers, or even of observers from political parties. But the authorities have taken care to introduce criminal penalties of up to four years of imprisonment for some violations during the vote. These include not only “falsification of the results of voting” and “obstructing the exercise of electoral rights or work of election committees”.