Putin spoke about the importance of the amendments to the Constitution on the minimum wage and pensions

the amendments to the Constitution that will be submitted to a nationwide vote, is proposed to be codified in the basic law key social security. This provision for the annual indexation of pensions, benefits, and also that the minimum wage (SMIC) can not be below the subsistence level.

the President noted that these provisions and as provided by Federal laws. However, he reminded that in practice, before this “often not done”, as in the law on the budget for next year could register that this indexing is suspended.

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/RIA Novosti Putin did not rule out postponing the vote on the Constitution because of the coronavirus

In this regard, Putin called extremely important in the consolidation of the country’s basic law demands the fulfillment of social obligations of the state to the citizens.

– This trick is not possible anymore, – he underlined, – it is impossible to adopt the budget law and to say that the action of such-and-such articles of the Constitution suspended. It is simply impossible, by definition, there is nothing above the Constitution.

While Vladimir Putin told his interlocutors that the Russian Constitution does not change, namely additions, because you have to disclose the social character of the state.

– 1, 2, 9 chapters, which are the Foundation of the Constitution itself, which reflects fundamental rights of citizens, do not change, – he stressed, – but, nevertheless, life goes on and forward and technologically, and politically, our society is changing, society has become more Mature, more demanding.

Putin pointed out the need to “reveal the social nature of our state, its social essence to fix some things that are related to ensuring rights of citizens.”