Putin spoke about the highest form of democracy

February 3, Vladimir Putin has arrived in Vologda oblast. During a visit to the Cherepovets chemical-technical College, the President met with members of the public. When discussing the proposed head of state the amendments to the Constitution, Vladimir Putin was again asked about the possibility of extending presidential powers. Putin again says “no.”

If you don’t move, will freeze — this is just in the Russian North to explain to anyone not necessary. And the Constitution a quarter of a century without change “freezes”.

“the Amendments that I proposed, in my view, are dictated just life. Here few questions asked in the area in which they consider themselves and are professionals. They feel and see that something needs to be done in order to improve the situation. Same with those amendments that I proposed. Just during my work as President and Chairman of the government it became evident to me that some things do not work as should work. For example, we have a very very often the questions arise in healthcare or in the education system, and when at the municipal level, something not happening that was supposed to be done in order for the primary care was decent and the people receive decent medical care in the municipalities, and the Federal or state levels believe that they should not be doing this, because the municipalities separated from the state. In fact, according to the Constitution, municipalities are not directly connected with the state, and should be a single level, a uniform system of public power to the upper floors of this power was a responsibility that’s going down, and those who work in municipalities, was connected in some way with the country and its interests. The same in many other areas. And that’s why I suggested it, but not to extend its powers,” said Vladimir Putin.

In the Cherepovets College, on the contrary, I worry about whether the amendments will be frozen. The question the President asks the graduate student with the last name Shakhrai is the same as one of the authors of the current Russian Constitution.

– do Not you think that this process could be delayed and there is a risk of getting bogged down in these amendments?

– I would Not want to get bogged down, that’s for sure, no amendments, nothing else. Everything should be arranged accordingly. But the debate takes place on a broad front. In fact, I was just happy. Because the more people are involved in this process, the more popular will be the Constitution and the amendments that we have proposed. Because people will feel implicated in the work. I think we still stay within a sensible time frame. I was thinking, what was happening. In 1993 — sorry, don’t want to remember, but to forget about it too — was very acute political crisis in the country, which led to armed clashes in Moscow. There was, in fact, fighting. People were killed. In these circumstances, President Yeltsin decided to hold a national vote, a referendum about trust to itself. I think I did the right thing. But this referendum has been prepared for only 27 days. What is now proposed, this is nothing so unusual. 15 times amended to date. The average work from application to completion of a full cycle of work on the amendment was approximately one and a half to four and a half months. If the entire cycle of work on the law on amendments to be completed as the Commission proposes today, it will be about three months, — said the head of state.

the Answer is addressed, rather, to Moscow. In this building on Miusskaya square work and even on weekends does not stop. In Soviet time here was located “Politizdat” — publishing house, which had the monopoly right to issue official Generalvalue of political literature in the country, including prepared and published all versions of the Constitution of the USSR. Now there is the Public chamber, on the basis of which to discuss and edit for the Russian basic law.

signs with the names of shifted in the middle of the table — all seventy-five team members already know each other, and the space required for new documents.

“the date February 14. We review the proposals that come very rapidly, but without haste,” said taliya khabrieva, Director of the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation.

With the amendments that were introduced by the President, — their twenty-two — is all clear, now we are talking about additional, which is reported so far. The idea agreed all working group and then another, and to issue proper legal wording.

the Unique Russian regions such as lake Baikal — to assign the status of Federal territories, to be supervised directly from Moscow.

Another initiative is to strengthen the vertical of power to include municipal authorities. Now they are in the Constitution do not appear. Academician Alexander Chubaryan, head of the research Institute for General history, Russian Academy of Sciences, proposes to reform the Federation Council. “I liked the Italian experience. They have in the Senate is composed of all the presidents that have been in the country,” — said the scientist.

Many worried about what will take place in this construction the vertical the President.

“Interested, of course. Because we all voted for President. The President is the guarantor of the Constitution. It seems to me that there is a balance, the system of checks and balances is just very well thought out. And the President is in the Message said. Here, in my opinion all very carefully and clearly,” — said Pavel Krasheninnikov, Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and law.

But at the ePresident in Cherepovets again for the umpteenth time asking.

– does it make sense then to hold another election of the President of the Russian Federation, if now, we denote the position?

– If we have, and I hope it will happen in time, the popular vote, it is, in fact, the plebiscite, the will of the citizens. I suggested this in order to by the higher manifestations, this expression was accepted in the amendments or not taken. If adopted, nobody could tell something was wrong. This is the highest form of democracy is the will of the citizens of the country. But whether in this way to extend the powers of the incumbent President? I think not. Because if we are talking about presidential elections, this should be done on an alternative basis, — said Putin.

the working group promises that next week all amendments will be systematized and submitted to the President and if he agree with them, will get a vote in the state Duma.

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