Putin signed the law on the right of minor children in homes with divorced parents

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law on the protection of housing rights of minor children when parents divorce.

the Document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Signed the law “On amendments to article 86 of the Family code of the Russian Federation” was approved in third and final reading the state Duma on January 23 and approved by the Federation Council on 30 January 2020.

In the explanatory note to the document notes that the list of exceptional circumstances referred to in article 86 of the Family code of the Russian Federation were limited to provisions for the child’s health. As a result, in judicial practice these provisions are interpreted as a reimbursement of costs that were associated only with the treatment and restoration of health of the child.

In the new version of the law in the list of exceptional circumstances under which each of the parents may be held by the court to participate in bearing the additional costs caused by these circumstances are also included the children’s inability suitable for permanent residence dwelling.

the law, as noted, will allow the court “in each case, to assess the situation, taking into account all of the circumstances and make a decision based on the balance of interests of the child and the parent who pays child support”.