Signed amendments to the Tax code.

First: the exemption applies to all payments for special working conditions in the period of suppression of coronavirus. It directly concerns social and medical workers, citizens who take accommodation accompanied orphans, the disabled, the elderly.

Second, NGOs, and recipients of the President, ministries, departments and regions, NGOs implementing the public utility services and providers of social services fully exempt from insurance payments and taxes (excluding VAT) – for the second quarter of 2020. This measure applies to the organization of traditional religions.

Third, the funds that the business sends such NGOs and religious associations can be considered to be within one percent of revenues non-operating expenses. That is, the amount of donations will not be counted in the calculation of the taxes that the employer should pay.

Yes, there are risks “for possible schemes with the so-called tax optimization schemes”, but we have to act, “not looking constantly for what benefit can be used by unscrupulous people,” said Vladimir Putin. “We must support law-abiding and respectable citizens, and most of them”, – he stressed. “We went to such a step, because in the period of the epidemic with the Russian business community showed themselves responsibly, honestly and with dignity. Entrepreneurs assisted doctors, volunteers had helped authorities in the field. With this maturity, the ability to act together, the whole world to answer difficult challenge showed the whole of civil society”, – said Putin.

And this trust between the government, business and non-profit sector, which has been tested and strengthened in times of trial, should be the basis of development for tackling long-term challenges in the economy and the social sphere, to improve the well-being of people.