Putin signed a decree on payments to families for child from three to seven years

For children aged 3 to 7 years from 1 January this year, set monthly payments in the manner and conditions stipulated by the legislation of the regions. The costs will be financed from the Federal budget.

Monthly payment will be 50 percent of the regional minimum subsistence level of the child. It is provided in the case that the size of per capita family income does not exceed the value of the regional minimum subsistence level for the second quarter of the year preceding the year of application.

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Vladimir Putin instructed the government until April to determine requirements to the procedure and terms of payment, and the rules for granting subsidies to the regions for these purposes.

Until November 30, the Cabinet must evaluate the income level of families receiving the payment. If average per capita family income does not reach the level of the regional subsistence minimum per capita, then in 2021 the payment will need to increase.

the Governors, the President recommended to keep other regional payments to families with children. The payment will be available in MFC or using the portal services.