MOSCOW, June 18. /TASS/. President of Russia Vladimir Putin first revealed his “secret” office in the first building of the Kremlin. The President does not implements in this room are public meetings, therefore, his doors remained closed to journalists.

Exception Putin made during an interview with “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin”, footage of which was shown Thursday in the program “Vesti” on TV channel “Russia-1”. The President began the conversation with the journalists in the Cabinet, which usually holds workshops and meetings with a small number of participants.

He said that behind the door are several rooms: “There’s a dining room and recreation room. But, I warn you, I have not prepared anything, so there… working atmosphere”, — said the head of state. “You are probably the first”, — said Putin to journalists showing the Cabinet.

Next to the President’s Desk were laid out the children’s drawings and crafts — gifts to the President; on the office wall — a portrait of Peter I. the Interior is made in bright colors.

Answering the question, what power in the Kremlin, Putin admitted: “I don’t even think about it.” But the President said that he himself with his subordinates in the Kremlin “there are hard conversations.”

the full exclusive interview of the head of state can be seen Sunday, June 21, on the TV channel “Russia-1” in the film of Pavel Zarubin “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” at 22.00.