Putin said fears of a revival of the Soviet Union

Overcome fears and phobias about the revival of the USSR helps the idea of unification. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin”, reports “Interfax” on Sunday, April 19.

“still, the understanding that Union efforts benefit all, making headway is inevitable. And feeling these benefits — and these benefits are felt by all participants in this process, we move on,” — said the President.

He stressed that improving the competitiveness of the republics of the former USSR at the expense of the Association is “perfectly natural thing”, as in all countries, people are fluent in Russian and have a common transport infrastructure, as well as power and communication.

Putin noted that the Western countries oppose this merger.

“They don’t want growth or to increase the capacity of its competitor. But, as we want to, because that is the way to improve the well-being of our people,” the President emphasized.