“the country’s Political system should have many points of support, it should not only rely on the President”, – said Vladimir Putin. “It should develop along with society, along with state,” he added.

the President stressed that this is why proposed amendments to the Main law of the country: life has changed and you need a certain reaction.

On the question of the sustainability of the political system, Putin said that there are still things to work on. Not all rules can be formulated in the Constitution, but the amendment is important because it unites the country.

a nationwide vote is needed in order for the authors of the amendments have become the citizens, the President noted. “As people say – it will be so” – he repeated his position.

“I don’t want to talk in those terms that someone will intentionally destabilize our political system, though it should definitely have some security of self-preservation. We all need to think about the fact that the system was resistant to both internal and external shocks”, – also said the head of state.