This opinion was expressed on Friday during a meeting with members of the working group on preparation of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, answering a question of the Chairman of the organization “Ukrainians of Russia” Bogdan Bezpalko. He complained that immigrants from abroad are meeting in Russia with extortions and bureaucratic obstacles in the design documents.

“it’s my firm belief, Russia needs an inflow of new citizens. Not only in increasing the birth rate in the country, but also in attracting people from abroad”, – said the President. “Of course, if we are talking about our compatriots, the bearers of the Russian language, Russian culture, we are doubly, triply interested in the inflow of such people who feel themselves to be Russians in the broadest sense of the word,” he added.

the Russian leader noted that the country’s economy is not enough manpower, and soon, this shortage will become even more noticeable. “It becomes a real, serious impediment to economic growth in the country”, – said Putin.

In some countries work to attract staff put on a serious, even scientific level. “And we need to do it,” – said the head of state.

as for the restrictions, mentioned Bezpalko, Vladimir Putin called them harmful. “Of course, this is necessary to get rid of. Many times I have given this account of the order,” – said the President. He invited the employees of its administration and the representative of the government to think about how to reduce financial costs to the compatriots returning to their historical homeland. “We can do it fast enough,” said the President.

He also called on the authorities to take into account the state of the labour market, the development of social infrastructure in attracting migrants to “not violated the rights of Russian citizens, who live at home.” “It’s all difficult questions, but they need to do, and we will do this”, – concluded Vladimir Putin.