on the eve of Navy Day to be celebrated on 26 July, Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony, which the Kremlin has called “mass” tab – in the shipyards of the country at the same time started the construction of 6 warships and submarines, including analogs were not obtained because of the sanctions “Mistral”. In conversation with workers of the Kerch plant “Zaliv” the President reiterated that the campaign “Immortal regiment” or the Day of the Navy, or in the fall will not take place: the procession, in his words, will be powerful and beautiful, but only next year.

Vladimir Putin remarked that although the Victory parade held on June 24 in Moscow, and vote on amendments to the Constitution have not led to mass disease coronavirus, the action “Immortal regiment” is quite another matter. Military, explained GDP, and so all are isolated, confined to barracks. And at the polling stations to strictly comply with the requirements of Rosportebnadzora on compliance with social distance. “In the case of a March “Immortal regiment” how can there be social distance? – asked a rhetorical question the President. – The whole point of this event is to the Russian people demonstrated their unity in the face of the memory of fathers and grandfathers. And it means that people walk shoulder to shoulder.”

According to Putin, he was ready to join mass protests, and even built your schedule so that after the naval parade in St. Petersburg, could return by the beginning of the March to Moscow. However, specialists recommended to refrain from such a scenario. The threat of coronavirus, despite the fact that the number of convalescents now exceeds the number of cases is still in place. And the vaccine is still under development. “Therefore, as we would like, the event will have to reschedule for next year. We’ll do it widely, powerfully and beautifully as we can do it,” he said. However, he noted that the success of the medical service and the state in the fight against the new infection there. If in other European countries, the mortality rate reached 15%, while in Russia it is 1.5%. Even those who do not trust official statistics, it should be obvious that we have less added GDP.

Although the “Immortal regiment” on July 26 will not be a naval parade on all fleets will be held according to the schedule – it’s a tradition. On the eve of Navy Day on shipyards was laid from the 6 warships and submarines to two in Kerch, two in Severodvinsk and two in St. Petersburg. “John Smith”, to which the mortgage Board and put the GDP will be one of the first Russian helicopter. Similar ships “Mistral” to Russia in 2011 ordered in France, but the supply did not wait for the sanctions imposed in connection with the annexation of Crimea. Now ��ozidanie West Crimea becomes home to domestic vehicles of the same type, and with improved performance. In size they surpass French and can carry up to 20 helicopters and two reinforced marine infantry battalion. Communicating with the workers, Putin said that the government wants to download the Crimean enterprises not only defence but also civilian orders. All private companies that will order the construction of fishing and other vessels, promised a subsidy of 30% of the cost. “The government thinks about other support measures. To download we will for sure,” reassured the President.

From Peter in touch with the Supreme commander left the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov, who somehow turned out to be the main person in the laying of two frigates distant ocean zone, designed to reduce both surface ships and submarines. According to the Minister, the frigate features an increased supply of “missiles, including hypersonic weapons.” Also, hypersonic weapons will be installed on atomic submarines, “Vladivostok” and “Voronezh”, the construction which this day began at Sevmash. Vladimir Putin stressed that in the campaigns are now 60 battle ships, and half of them on the distant frontiers, and to go anywhere from the World ocean Russia is not going to. “We will continue to focus on the development of a modern efficient fleet. It should be and always will be”, – said at the ceremony the President.