The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated employees and veterans of the investigating authorities on their professional holiday. The telegram posted on the Kremlin website.

The head of state noted that the professional and moral basis of the work of the investigators has always been “honesty, integrity, objectivity, strict observance of the law.” The main criterion for evaluating their performance are “not separate indicators of departmental statistics, and the trust of society and citizens.”

According to Putin, the investigation officers “defend truth, justice, seeking punishment for the perpetrators and protect the rights of victims”, and it is therefore essential that each procedural decision, it was competent and impeccable.

“But if an error, for whatever reason, are admitted, it must be promptly corrected, truth necessarily restored”, — concluded the Russian leader.

The day of employee of organs of the investigation notes July 25. This professional holiday of workers of SK investigative units of the interior Ministry and the FSB.