Putin proposed to the G20 to create a Fund for the victims of the coronavirus countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the countries “the Big twenty” the General plan of action to stabilize the situation, support economies and restore confidence in global markets. With the corresponding statement the President made at the G20 summit, which for the first time in the history held in the format of video.

Vladimir Putin said that leaders “the Big twenty” it is necessary to consider the creation of a special Fund under the auspices of the International monetary Fund. It will be financed by the funds of Central banks, issuers of currencies. From it the members of the IMF can borrow at a zero rate for the long term.

the Russian leader said that currently, the countries experiencing the resource requirements affected by the crisis and the pandemic, it is important to ensure access to Finance.

the Russian government allocates 1.2 percent of GDP on combating the effects of coronavirus COVID-19. The same amount of support and the Central Bank.

the summit of “Big twenty” took in the joint Declaration. This was reported in the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin remarked that the coronavirus will result in more large-scale shocks than the financial crisis of 2008-2009. According to him, trade disputes and sanctions deepen the recession.

For the period of the pandemic coronavirus, the head of state proposed to introduce a moratorium on sanctions in respect of goods of the first necessity. The President stressed that the need to create so-called “green corridors”, which would be free from trade wars and restrictions for mutual trade of medicine, food, technologies and equipment. First of all we are talking about the countries most severely affected by the virus.

Vladimir Putin stressed that the matter concerns the life and death of people. It is purely humanitarian in nature, so should the aspects of “clean up from all kinds of political stuff”.

the President of ROSthese expressed the opinion that the world health organization, efforts should focus on identifying hidden epidemic of coronavirus in States where there is no possibility of testing.

Vladimir Putin believes that collaborative research in the G20 could seriously accelerate the development of vaccines and drugs. In addition, a regular exchange of reliable information about the development of the pandemic in countries and about the implemented measures.

an Excerpt of Putin’s speech was broadcast channel “Russia 24”.

it is Expected that the measures taken by the “Big twenty” will give the world economy more than five trillion dollars. The States also intend to provide funding to the world health organization and are encouraged to do the same with other countries and international organizations.

the Summit of “Big twenty” was held via videoconference and was closed to the press. The Russian President joined from his office in the suburban residence Novo-Ogaryovo.