Putin promised assistance to citizens upon return from abroad

– of course, We’ll do our best to do everything in order to help people, he said, is to take to help to leave these countries to return home. Here we will accordingly work with them.

the President noted that, despite the situation in the world, the Russians continue to drive “everywhere, in large quantity”.

it is difficult to say something, he added. Someone had plans, pre-purchased tickets, vouchers, someone built their home in such a way that only it’s now or never, someone just misjudged the situation, didn’t know that certain countries close their borders, and do find it difficult.

In General, the Ministry of health, said the President, keeps the situation with coronavirus in Russia under control. According to him, it is “much better” than in other countries.

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS hotline coronavirus for the elderly

– As you know, in some European countries the disease has reached this kind of epidemic of mass, – he reminded. – There are thousands of cases, thousands. Hundreds already have died.

– Thank God, we have as a whole is in control of everything, – said the head of state. – I hope it will be in the future. We will increase these efforts.

the President said that he had instructed the government and regions to take measures of a proactive nature and introduce them as necessary.

– How important is a transfer of schools, educational institutions on distance learning, on-the-ground visible, in fact, was the opinion of Putin.

According to him, the state Council working group headed by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin “will constantly monitor” the situation through the heads of regions – and this in addition to the monitoring through the Ministry of health. And depending on this government to act, the President resumed.