Putin postponed the publication of income declarations of officials on the income

Putin extended until August, the period within which officials need to report their income, expenses and assets. The Kremlin reported that Putin himself has passed the Declaration.

Officials and parliamentarians have to submit a Declaration on incomes and property for last year to 1 August, follows from the decree of Vladimir Putin, published on the Kremlin website. The rescheduling was linked to “restrictive and other measures”, introduced due coronaviruses.

According to the law, senior civil servants are required to submit a Declaration annually by April 1. Press-Secretary President, Dmitry Peskov, said on March 31 that Putin and the staff of the Kremlin administration has already filed a Declaration. “All the rules are carried out and all declarations in the presidential administration filed because civil servants are obliged to do under the law,” he said (quoted by TASS).

Later, Peskov said that the Declaration will be published in the statutory period. Data is published after verification approximately two weeks after the expiration of the filing period.