Putin planned immigration reform to the Russian pulled

Vladimir Putin Putin noted that migrant workers Vladimir Putin
the Press service of the President of Russia Putin said that migrant workers “often seek to bypass the existing difficulties in the design of the migration status of care “in the shadow”” and people can become “full members of Russian society, are faced with undue difficulties” in obtaining citizenship
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the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has charged to reform immigration regimes and citizenship in Russia, noting, the current migration rules “not sufficiently clear and unified,” and the Institute of issuing permits for temporary residence outlived its usefulness.

Putin noted that migrant workers “often seek to bypass the existing difficulties in the design of the migration status of care “in the shadow”” and people can become “full members of Russian society, are faced with undue difficulties” when receivedAI citizenship. According to the President, a point of change and the tightening of legal liability in this case will not help.

Immigration reform designed to create a “favourable environment for migration” in the Russian Federation and obtaining citizenship for Russian-speaking people “close to us in mentality and culture,” to establish clear immigration rules and increase the level of security. In the document the Kremlin doesn’t say it, but the influx of migrants of Russia are necessary because of the record of population decline.

the state migration policy Concept proposes three kinds of reception in citizenship of the Russian Federation: General, simplified and special. The first by default applies to all aliens who are applying for simplified or special mode. They should know Russian language, to live some time in Russia to comply with Russian law. Applicants will be evaluated by the Commission. The decision of the interior Ministry and its territorial bodies.

a Simplified procedure for granting citizenship provided for residents of countries that are “close to us in the socio-cultural attitude” (not specified what exactly), and in the presence of “positive social relations” in Russia or vulnerable situation. As in the case with the General order, the applicant for a simplified citizenship should not be “socially-conflict situations” during a certain period of residence in the Russian Federation.

the Granting of citizenship under the simplified procedure only for “economic” criteria (skills, investment, etc.) is not provided. Such persons will be able long to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation on migration status of “long-term” or “permanent residence”. For citizenship in a special order will be able to count “especially valuable” for Russia, the foreigners, the document says the Kremlin. The description is rather vague: “a Special order will cover some categories of persons, the decision on which requires the assessment of non-obvious facts in connection with eTim – Commission review, special procedures and high-level decision-making”. Take it personally to the President of the Russian Federation.

Main migration status, the concept will be the residence permit. To obtain the necessary registration in the state information system, reside in the territory of the Russian Federation and the observance of its legislation, the absence of dangerous diseases “and, as a rule, knowledge of the Russian language”. A temporary residence permit as a separate immigration status will exclude because it is “in its current form actually outlived its usefulness”.

Also introduces a unified regime for long-term stay. Obligatory conditions for obtaining the right to long stay in Russia will be biometric data collection for the state information system, no dangerous diseases and getting a single document with electronic media.

it is Also planned to introduce a new special immigration status – “controlled rate”. It provides regular personal attendance, restriction of movement, application of additional controls etc.

Foreign workers is proposed to be divided into three categories: employed citizens of the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (will pay the same income tax as the Russians), employed citizens from countries with visa-free order of entrance to Russia and self-employed foreign nationals.

Putin Also proposed to introduce the institution of “loyalty agreement”: foreign citizens to enter Russia officially accept the obligation, the violation of which threatens expulsion. Among these commitments, non – participation in political activities and in the activities of banned organizations.

in addition, is tasked to develop provisions that allow residents who have violated immigration laws, but do not pose a serious threat to Russia, to issue a legal status without Preftreatment responsible. To process information on aliens and migration flows will create a single information platform. The report should be prepared by March 1, 2021, the responsible appointed head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino.

According to the interior Ministry, which refers to RBC, in 2019 the Russian citizenship were almost 498 thousand people a year earlier – 269,3 thousand people. The temporary residence permit received 244,6 thousands of people (in 2018 – 271,4 thousand).

last year, Putin has simplified the procedure of obtaining Russian passports for certain categories of foreigners, including citizens of Ukraine, and also for all the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. The simplified procedure also applies to citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, born in the Soviet Union and had Soviet citizenship, and their immediate families.