Putin outraged calls to kill children asguardian

Commenting on the summer protests in Moscow, Vladimir Putin said that it is impossible to prevent asguardian threw bottles. “Today, a bottle was thrown, tomorrow the chair will run, and then machines will smash. This cannot be allowed, cannot be dismissed. In the framework of the law,” he said.

Photo credit: TASS/ youtube.com Putin emphasized the role of society in relation to high-profile cases

a reporter’s question, well the staff of Regardie “are vulnerable, trembling,” the head of state said: “They are vulnerable, and timid, they are doing their duty. And have to do it. And more than that, they are here with the demonstrators engaged, and tomorrow the bullets will go, and they take part in combat operations.” “And someone out there on the Internet spread information about what need to kill their children. What is this? – he was indignant. Is against people who climb the bullets, if homeland orders, to protect the interests of the state, society and the specific of our citizens? It is possible, know how to unbalance the situation in the country, will not find it, this is not a joke”.

To the objection of the interviewer Andrei Vandenko that citizens “hammer” club, Putin said that if people act within the framework of procedures, regulations and laws – “who is going to wave a baton?”. “On the contrary, to protect it”, – he said. “Get a warrant, go and Express their point of view”, – stressed the head of state. “Know that the Internet, the media, including the opposition. They will come, no matter where you were, so wherever you were, wherever you came from, wherever you are gathered to Express their dissatisfaction with the current government, because with the help of the Internet and with the help of the media it will be reported to millions,” he added.

“But why to block traffic? To provoke action by the security forces, so they waved their batons. And then you asked me that. In this sense! The other makes no sense!” – said the President. “To show that they are heroes and they are with the same zeal to protect the interests of citizens if they go to authorities control. To abuse power in order to convince the voter that it is precisely those people who need it, is not enough. Must present a positive program,” he concluded.