At the meeting with the members of the working group preparing amendments to the Constitution, Vladimir Putin not only had to discuss further steps to modernize the legislation, but also to deal with the promotion of homosexuality. It turned out that it deals not only with the U.S. Embassy, wavesense the day of the vote, the rainbow flag, but how would the Russian manufacturers of ice-cream “rainbow”.

the Name of Goodies and is, according to ex-Senator Catherine Lakhov, indirectly forcing our children to get used to alien values. Putin ordered to understand whether you can consider the color of the rainbow propaganda.

the President’s Meeting with the authors of the amendments began immediately after it was signed the respective decree on 4 July of amendments to the Constitution officially in force. Putin thanked the members of the working group for good, professional and sincere work – as they say, with the soul – and asked him not to leave. Their experience and knowledge will be required in the next phase, when to begin the modernization of the legislation.

“the Priorities and values that gave their votes, our citizens should be fully implemented in specific cases. Each rule included in the Constitution, does not mean the contemplation, namely the action,” he said. According to him, members of the working group could monitor rulemaking activities.

According to the Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov, in accordance with the updated text of the Constitution will need to change about 100 Federal laws and 150 government resolutions. Expected bills in the state Duma has already dismantled into five sections – social (pensions,social security, support the institution of family, education); health, science and culture; a single public power (municipal and civil service, legislation on elections, etc.); defence and security (including the inviolability of the territory) and the last block is the development of entrepreneurship, the nonprofit sector and civil society.

the question of unity of system of public authorities, said Krasheninnikov, will develop the law on the Council of State. But how – there are no details yet.

But have already started to vague outlines of the coming changes to the electoral law. Senator Andrey Klishas said that the voting process should be convenient and intuitive man – “people appreciate it, you know, come to the stations.” “We see this in the turnout, absolutely unprecedented,” he stressed, noting that the new electoral system should be guided “not by some abstract best practices”, and convenience for the voter.

In General, the “stretched” for a few days the vote is scheduled to fix the law, it is possible not to doubt. T��is also a challenge, according to Klishas, almost ready laws on the constitutional court, government, Prosecutor’s office – they will soon be submitted to Parliament. “I think that in the near future our laws will be seriously upgraded on the basis of the amended Constitution,” he stressed.

Few in the other discussion launched by the Director of the Institute of legislation under the government of the Russian Federation and another co-chair of the working group taliya khabrieva. She stated that after the edits, the Russians received a “social and value-based Constitution”, which protects the ideals of our society. Such values Senator Alexei Pushkov took the “marriage men and women” enshrined in the basic law. According to him, this decision serves as a moral compass, even for those people who are in the strongholds of the ultra-liberalism, but also amplifies our position in the struggle with alien ideals.

And this struggle will be hard. Suffice it to recall the rainbow flag, which appeared on the day of the vote on the facade of the U.S. Embassy. “This is what we like to say that we will be aggressive to come,” shared his thoughts Pushkov.

“the building in this who work?” – said Putin. “American diplomats”. “Well. They thing about the person who works there. It’s not scary,” grinned the President.

He noted that in Russia there has not been and will not be rights restrictions based on race, sexual orientation, or religion. “We have banned the promotion of homosexuality among minors. So what? Let people grow up, become an adult and will decide its fate”, – said the President. Putin has noticed that in some countries, including in USA, still allowed the persecution of homosexuals, and in some States they can even be sentenced to death. “Here let take care of business, there will be picking. And our position is clear” – cut of GDP.

However, his answer satisfied not all members of the working group. Ex-Senator, the Chairman of the “Union of women of Russia” Ekaterina Lakhova considered dangerous for fragile minds of not only the rainbow flag on the facade of the U.S. Embassy, but and iridescent colors on billboards and Bilgoraj. And also the word “rainbow” on the label of ice cream. “This indirectly, but forces used children to color, flag that hung on the Embassy,” she said, stressing that “propaganda should not be”. “Here, every will not follow where the label who came up with,” sighed Putin. “If there is reason to believe that this propaganda of non-traditional values to us, then you need appropriately, not aggressively to build such public control”, – he said. Judging by targetvolume mind Lakhov, ice cream “rainbow” after these words long to please the little sweet tooth.

several Commission initiatives came from the representatives of pedagogical community. In particular, they proposed to introduce in Russia the lessons of the Constitution (as well as to give a volume of the Basic law together with the first passport) and the lessons of historical memory, not only in schools but also in universities.

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