Putin ordered to allocate one billion for grants

30 January in Krasnogorsk Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Council for the development of local government. The President recalled that it was “the closest to people’s level of public power”, and urged the municipal authorities to be more active in achieving national development goals and national projects.

Here is how, for example, became closer to the people, the government of the Moscow region. In the center of the control region the entire area “sort through”. More precisely, on the table. See all: urban transport, supply of electricity, an appointment to the doctor.

Here, control and repair of roads. Last year was 12 thousand hits. Usually the service can respond to per day. Rolled hole repair company sent a photo.

“Do innovations. Here you have someone sent this material, the resident district. Then the contractor worked and sent you a photo, and you register the applicant, and even if he will confirm that the repairs carried out and done efficiently,” he said.

On each request — response. Reflected in the heat map — solved the problem or maybe sent for re-processing.

Working in the control Center are organized in several ways. Housing, agriculture, environment, roads, education. There are 10 directions. Each employees of the relevant ministries of the Moscow government. The largest block of medicine. Here — two table. And that’s what is required of employees, what tasks put before them: acceptance to the specialist for 1 day, the examination in 1 day, providing medicines during the day.

this shows each of 550 health clinics region. As soon as somewhere there is a queue at the reception, the specialist centre immediately contacts the physician, and together they seek a way out. The result for the year turn with 14 thousand people have been SNIof capturing up to 1300. Same thing with downloading the complicated equipment, apparatus CT and MRI.

“We understand that the devices worked less than one shift. Began to work in 2-3, some in the clock. Due to this, we have managed to reduce the queue”, — said Vyacheslav Platonov, head of medicine in the center of the control region.

Dealt with the supply of medicines. The maximum waiting time is 10 days. But it is rare.

In Tatarstan the program “people’s control” tracks the publications of the citizens in the five largest social networks. Each request is trying to work within the same day.

And somewhere, go even further. Give the initiative to the citizens. For example, in Yaroslavl — even to schoolchildren. To renovate the school’s cafeteria.

In Yaroslavl three years of this initiative budgeting brought fifteen hundred projects — courtyards, playgrounds, purchase of sports uniforms for the school teams. All on 3 million roubles. Every ruble in the case.

In the Tula region — their pilot project. It was decided that the most important thing is uninterrupted power supply, and built a unified control center “of Tulaenergo”. He opened almost 9 thousand substations of the region.

“first and foremost, it management efficiency, real vision of all capacity. Decreasing the time interval of reaction”, — said Alexey Dyumin, Governor of the Tula region.

In Zheleznovodsk, which in the Caucasian Mineral Waters , the “Smart city” proposes to explore the large information panels. But for locals and tourists earned a Single portal of transport services. On your smartphone you can see how moving the bus route.

These smart technologies are already appreciated by the public. In Krasnogorsk they came together with the President.

“This is a serious tool for decisions aboutproblems faced by the country and each particular person. All brand specific. Feedback is obvious. And it helps to make timely management decisions to respond to what you want to solve people. To solve the problems that they face,” said the President.

Innovations affect the work of municipalities. Set new standards. Putin spoke about it during the Message. Here and offers to do everything together, configure the local authorities. “All this determines the quality of life of our citizens and affects the future of our children,” he said.

the President gives the order to develop new principles of state policy in the sphere of local government. 2030. But first it is necessary to consolidate the powers of local government in the Constitution.

“local governments are not included into system of public authorities, and this we all know. But they are, of course, here, not somewhere in outer space. They are part of our society, country and system of governance. It is therefore important to ensure unity at all levels of public authority. And therefore the municipal government cannot sit up in their offices, need to be with people, to discuss the most pressing issues,” — said the head of state.

of Course, cities will have to help. The President proposes to do this at the regional level: first — to restructure the budget loans to municipalities had more free money and more freedom in their distribution.

“we Need to increase the role of the so-called living or proactive budgeting. In this regard, I believe it is possible and necessary in the next three years to increase to 5% share of municipal expenditures, determined by direct consideration of the public opinion. Now the share of such budget items does not exceed 1%”, — Putin explained.

for several years Now, the government is conducting a competition for the best municipal practice. The prize Fund is 40 million rubles for 24 winners. We ought to add, on behalf of all municipalities asking state Duma Deputy kidyaev.

“to promote the best of municipalities, and in this agree with your proposal. Should immediately raise up to one billion rubles,” — said the President.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov willing to work, but calls to mind the main area.

“This is the realization of the national projects and the Message are the main objectives of the municipalities. And grants are good, but we need to count every ruble. I completely agree,” said Siluanov.

And the one billion grant that was not budgeted 2020, Putin has disposed to allocate from Reserve Fund of the President.

Text: “News of the week”