By tradition, they communicated on “you” and by name. “How are you doing, Vladimir?” – asked with a smile macron. “Hi! Great! I am very glad to see you and hear Emmanuel!”, – said Putin.

Putin began with the theme of the anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. “This is our common Victory. In Russia we will never forget those of the French, which together with our soldiers fought on the Eastern front, with Soviet soldiers,” he said. “Thousands of Soviet citizens fought in the ranks of the French resistance, on the territory of France itself. And this, of course, our common heritage – the Victory over Nazism,” – said the Russian President.

Today, in a world of new threats, one of them is the coronavirus. “And we can’t hold our meetings”, – said Putin, while adding that current format into something even more effective.

At the same old problems and threats that need to fight together, not gone, continued the President of the Russian Federation. This is terrorism, and uncontrolled migration, climate change, and a possible pandemic in the broadest sense of the word, and the crumbling system of arms control, he listed, inviting all to discuss it and to talk about the explosive growth potential in the hot spots, the problems of the Ukraine, the Balkans, the situation in Syria and Libya.

“by the Way, today is the day signed the Charter of the UN – exactly 75 years ago, – said Putin. – So it has to remind you that joining efforts in the fight against common challenges, common threats are always relevant.” “I know your intention to work together on many of these areas. We will support your proposals”, – assured the Russian leader and reiterated the invitation to Russia from a full-length visit.

the Communication screen allows you to save time on the flight, but of course it’s not as nice as meeting in person, noticed the Makron. The French leader expressed support to the Russian people, “which is very much influenced by the consequences of the global pandemic: health effects, economic, social”. “We want to Express our full solidarity. And this virus didn’t allow us to see physically two days ago and may 9,” he explained.

“I wanted to be physically present at the event – sincerely assured him. As I’ve already written and I want to say again, France pays tribute to honor the sacrifices of the Soviet people during the Second world war: 27 million victims among the military and civilian population.” And pays tribute to the people of Eastern Europe who have suffered during these difficult historical times.

the French President stressed the importance of the protection of historical memory: “it is Necessary to remember about all those historical wounds, hutpress instrumentalization, which can sometimes happen. And a great nation shall carry out such work”.

“I believe that the crisis through which we pass, and other regional crises show the importance of the European space in the broadest sense of the word – from Lisbon to Vladivostok. This space is now cooperation and peace,” said macron. The French leader also reminded about the idea of the summit of the five permanent members of the UN security Council.

“we must remember three objectives. It is the creation of specific conditions for our dialogue in the field of safety – bilateral, multilateral. It is also necessary to have the agenda of crises, in particular the situation in Libya, Ukraine and Syria. And, third, cooperation for the future: health, economy and environmental protection” – described the topics of conversation him and offered to go to the practical work: “so we had a free conversation.”

“Want to propose, if possible in sanitary conditions, at the end of the summer I would like to take you up on that offer and come on an official visit to Russia, so that we could spend more time together talking. And I just wanted to come to you”, – concluded the President of France. “I will be glad to see you, Emmanuel. Welcome,” smiled Putin.