Rostelecom is an active partner of the state in the sphere of digitalization of the economy, Putin said, starting the meeting. The company employs 157 thousand. “The army of the whole”, – said the head of state. Important part of the work, he called the portal of public services.

there was a small malfunction associated with the work in pandemic conditions acquired in electronic format such a massive character, which no one expected, for some services, – stated the President. I know that ultimately, the company handled it.

the Governor agreed that due to the growth in the number of queries to the portal “podzavis”. And the company has made this situation insights.

it was clear that the level and architecture, and performance of the portal do not correspond to the scale of the tasks that need to be addressed, he said. – Therefore, we on behalf of the government has already begun to create a new option, a new version of the portal of state services.

As said the head of JSC “Rostelecom”, the main part of this work is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.

– Set the task to the portal could provide at least 100 million a day – said the interlocutor of the President. It means that every adult will be able to apply to the state for those services.

Rostelecom is the operator of the portal in the last 10 years. During a pandemic, it implemented a number of significant projects – including social payments to families with children.