"Putin is quite confused in terms of the pandemic from the beginning. The Kremlin had completely underestimated the problem of data verification. After two months, Putin fell into a trap, which itself created – and the whole country sees it: he needs to lift the restrictions because it requires economy, and thus no plateau", – writes political scientist and journalist on his page in Facebook.

"Underestimated the numbers had to be adjusted by the end of may and all the graphics look very bad. Due to incorrect assessment of the situation and the ambiguous strategy of Putin is in the middle of the epidemic at a time when a pandemic in Europe as a whole is on the decline.

The decision to parade the 24th of June is also completely wrong. Because the resulting mortality figures for may will come just in this moment Putin will receive is "parade of the victory over the virus" a visual combination of the Kremlin’s militaristic arrogance with bad numbers.

The main departments that are producing media work without coordination. AP, Moscow city hall, Ministry of defense, government, Ministry of foreign Affairs comment on what is happening and take some steps completely uncoordinated.

The pandemic has demonstrated very clearly that the so-called "vertical" Putin has collapsed. This creates a new political situation with new risks".