Putin instructed to provide the Russians with everything needed in a pandemic

Vladimir Putin discussed with the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov at a meeting in the Kremlin, the impact of the pandemic virus COVID-19 on the situation in the economy, and provide citizens with remedies.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin urged not to believe the fakes for coronavirus

the Head of state immediately identified two major sets of issues. First – how do you feel the industry and trade in the fight against the coronavirus. Second – as the industry works to ensure the needs of the means of protection, disinfection, respiratory devices – everything connected with the operation of health facilities and helping people.

“Our industry was faced with two challenges: the issue of coronavirus, and at the same time, a substantial decline in oil prices, which affected the depreciation of the ruble,” – said the Minister, adding that for some industries it is even a positive. “For eksportoorientirovannoj”, – said the President.

“on the other hand, unfortunately, quotes on foreign markets today are not encouraged to increased volumes of commodities. First and foremost, we are talking about metallurgy, chemistry, pulp and paper industry, mineral fertilizers,” he listed the speaker.

the overall situation is satisfactory, balanced and foreign currency earnings and ruble-denominated costs, said Manturov. In manufacturing sectors that use imported components have to quickly find other vendors: some countries have begun to detain shipments, some just stopped working.

those companies that actively implemented the import substitution plans (Bothan 970 projects in 23 industries, 460 projects have already been implemented), the product is manufactured. And most of even higher quality and performance than their foreign counterparts. “Such examples are many, including agricultural machinery – more than 50 percent of the share of Russian products on the market, this helicopter, this chemistry, this timber-processing complex”, – said the speaker. There are industries where you still need to perform work on import substitution. Within two years of the 240 projects will be released for serial production, which gives the opportunity to export.

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an inventory on all projects. “Out on the volume of industrial production, which is planned to acquire all agencies until 2024, in the amount of six trillion”, – reported the Minister. “We expect about half to three trillion (procurement from domestic producers),” – said Manturov. And it will encourage businesses and ensure the stability of the load.

Speaking about the fight against the coronavirus, the Minister said that 18 companies primarily focused on the production of masks made of synthetic nonwovens. They produce on an average day about 600 thousand masks – it was enough for health systems, pharmacy chains, and even for export. Already a month as the company switched to clock mode, power increased to 1600 thousand masks a day, from March 2, imposed a ban on exports. Last week additionally began the production of Russian gastropanel Marley – increased to 30 million linear meters per month, and at the beginning of the APR calculation – three million masks. For the enterprises of light industry actively work in emergency mode around the clock. “We expect in total to move into the first half of April for five million masks a day,” stated the speaker.

In the first place will be provided with health system pharmacies, Federal customs service, border guards, Ministry of interior. The maximum increased volumes of production of medical equipment, artificial lung ventilation, thermal cameras, remote temperature gauges, UHF-irradiators for disinfecting the premises.

Formed the operational headquarters on the basis of the Ministry of industry and trade on behalf of the Prime Minister, to consolidate those resources and in accordance with the epidemiological situation to send to the regions where required.

“We already came to the amount of three million units for the disinfection of hands and for 350 million litres for disinfection of premises and processing buildings. We are also able to date for the disinfection of hands increase three times, this is the task, and by early April it will be implemented”, – said Manturov.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/ RIA Novosti the Government announced new measures to combat coronavirus

“overall, the industry we work rhythmically, but you are now called the most important work elements in terms of when it is important to make the utmost effort to prevent possible growth of this infection its spreading,” the President said. The head of state urged to do everything to provide all the necessary materials, instruments, medical devices and citizens who will need and special services and units that work directly with at-risk groups. “Referring to medical personnel, emergency workers, the same border service, customs and so on, so that they have all nrequirements for the organization of their work”, – he said and asked to report regularly to the increase of production volumes.

All the measures necessary to ensure this work, the government has taken, said Manturov. Open a separate program Fund for the development of industry, the government has allocated 10 billion rubles to under one percent per annum to provide soft loans for working capital to increase the volume.