First. the Head of state instructed the government to provide subsidies for discount equipment that is transferred in leasing to the enterprises of light industry. Should be available this year. As suggested by the Minister and requested that industry representatives, in the amount of 50 percent of the cost of the equipment. Also Vladimir Putin instructed to increase the subsidies for loan servicing light industry up to 1 billion roubles annually and make them more accessible to business.

the Second. the President indicated to increase funding for programs to support the production of flax products is not only a tradition but also new opportunities for import substitution.

Third. to support the demand, the government should prepare the decision of establishing the priority of Russian light industry products in public procurement. “There are no violations of WTO rules,” – said Putin. This also applies to state corporations and companies with state participation.

finally, fourth. The most important priority of state the President called assistance to companies who work honestly and respect the rights of workers. Putin instructed to prepare a complex of measures on creation of most favorable conditions for the enterprises of light industry who work “in white”, honestly. This includes the fight against forgery, and the creation of spetsposelok to work, and fine tuning of the taxation system, and the development of online retail formats. The government has several programs on this, and we need to see what adjustments they make. “We need to make a significant impact for the growth of competitiveness of the domestic light industry” set the task of the head of state.

Rapid, targeted measures should not only support enterprises but also to set long-term development direction of the industry, to launch structural changes to increase the stability of the real sector, to exit the economy to a qualitatively new level, concluded the President.