the Head of state at meeting on development of transport said that it is difficult to say when and what other areas will be available for Russians to visit. It depends not only from Russia, but also on how to fold the case in other countries, what decisions are made there.

“And that means we need to shape the development of domestic tourism. To force, rather, our ability in this direction”, – Putin said, noting that this must be done with the participation of transport companies, travel agencies, hotel business.

According to him, they need to create attractive routes, to open new directions for exploring the country.

Vladimir Putin noted that now the government is preparing a national action plan for the normalization of life in business, a list of concrete measures to restore employment, incomes, growth sectors of the economy. “I propose to include in the plan and actions to develop the internal tourism and to prepare them, once again, in close contact with the business community”, – said the President.