Putin said the viability of the culture and its openness to society. “Despite the difficulties, cultural institutions, their teams did everything possible to support people,” he said.

Previously, the government, the Ministry of culture and region was requested to amend the performance indicators of cultural institutions, primarily associated with the implementation of governmental orders, to submit proposals on the situation of sold tickets and subscriptions, which people are unable to use due to restrictions. Culture is included in the list of industries that received additional measures of state support.

“Now we are gradually returning to normal, normal life. There is a revision of the national plan of restoration of economy and social sphere”, – said Vladimir Putin, noting that the plan was adopted for solving the present problems and future prospects given the long-term development goals. You need to consider the activities of cultural institutions.

According to the head of the state will adjust, and in the national projects including the national project “Culture”. But all such decisions will be developed in direct contact with the professional communities, representatives of key areas.

the President asked the meeting participants that need to be done in addition to museums, theaters, circuses, exhibition and concert halls, libraries, music schools and film out of the forced vacation with minimal losses and would receive an incentive to continue working.