NOVO-OGARYOVO, may 15. /TASS/. President of Russia Vladimir Putin demanded from the government to restore order in the conduct of the construction documents, not to give the opportunity to delay construction of various objects.

At the meeting on the opening of medical centers of the Ministry of defense in the regions the head of state said, as discussed earlier, the construction of a medical center with one of the governors, who said that will take a year to design and another two years for construction.

“I ask the government to revisit this as it should, considering all these questions serious in the near future to report their proposals,” the President ordered.

the Head of state believes that the best example of what you can speed up the construction, the construction of health centres of the Ministry of defense. He drew attention to the fact that in the Voronezh region was supposed to build an isolation hospital for several years, but the defense Ministry will complete this work in late June. “An example of how worked for the Ministry of defence is a great example of how to organize the work and the time and quality” — says Putin.

once again He thanked the defense Ministry and its leadership, builders, all who were related to the organization and completion of the medical centers of the Ministry of defense. “This work, done in need a short time with good quality. Nothing but “thank you”, nothing to add,” said the President.