Putin instructed the Cabinet to coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to analyze the effectiveness of regional measures to combat the pandemic coronavirus and send to the subjects of the Russian Federation recommendations on such measures, taking into account sanitary and epidemiological situation. As the press service of the Kremlin, this item is contained in the list of instructions for combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection in the Russian regions.

"the Government, together with the working group of the State Council on combating the spread of the new coronavirus infection to analyze taken in subjects of the Russian Federation of measures on ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population and support the economy, to assess their adequacy and to review the progress of previous orders relating to the adoption of such measures", – the document says.

The Cabinet also assigned the results of such analysis to guide regional authorities recommendations regarding the desirability of taking appropriate measures with regard to their effectiveness and changes in the sanitary and epidemiological situation, focusing on the biggest cities. The government and the state Council working group will have to consider on a regular basis coming from regional authorities proposals for additional measures to combat the virus and support the economy in conditions of a pandemic.

Heads of subjects of the Russian Federation charged with the development of restrictive measures for the fight against the virus to come out of the need to support sustainable economic development of the regions with the unconditional priority of protection of life and health of people. They are also tasked until April 20 to submit to the Cabinet of Ministers, a working group of the state Council and the presidential administration, information on the measures taken and proposals for additional steps in this area.

The list of assignments also includes an item about mandatory, despite the decisions on the Federal allowances for fighting the coronavirus physicians, maintaining the same regional allowances.