Putin in an interview with TASS said the objective of increasing real incomes

the Head of state recalled the protests in France. “Entire sectors of the economy are not working. During these riots, 11 people were killed, many were injured, eyes embossed rubber bullets. What good is that?”, he said.

And nothing good in the fact that the French leader Emmanuel macron played back. “First, nothing significant has changed. And the most pressing question in the course of the reform, as far as I know, this is the issue with preferential retirement, equating almost all with the same brush,” – said Vladimir Putin. From the point of view of the economy is justified, he considers.

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev/ RIA Novosti Putin instructed to increase the salaries of doctors for combating coronavirus

And macron from a pragmatic point of view, doing the right thing. And the Russian authorities with a pragmatic point of view was wrong: almost all retained, all the privileges, all the preferential category, the President explained. “Subsidized retirement we have left, and in France it mainly causes dissatisfaction,” he said.

In Russia, a huge number of beneficiaries, and moreover, even for mothers of large families 50 years has made the retirement, Putin continued.

“We need to decide is still a very important task: increasing the real incomes of citizens”, – said the President. The head of state recalled that the national welfare Fund has already exceeded 7 percent of GDP and 7.3 per cent. “Next summer, in July I think, will be credited to the account, and we have there comes a time, as we agreed earlier, it was decided that if… the NWF exceeds 7 percent, we begin to more actively out to waste,” – said Putin. “The question that: to invest, to support specific population groups and tAK on. That’s just the discussion we now have, and unfolds,” he concluded.