Putin honored the memory of the Pskov paratroopers on the day of the 20th anniversary of their feat

Twenty years ago, the 90 members of the 104th guards airborne regiment of the 76th guards airborne division entered into an unequal battle with a large group of militants. The gang headed by Arab mercenary Khattab and field commander Shamil Basayev. Taking the height in mountainous terrain, the company resisted the hundred fighters (according to various sources, numbering from a thousand to 2.5 thousand people). The battle lasted almost a day living from it came only six soldiers. The cost of the lives of the soldiers actually stopped the breakthrough bands from the environment. The paratroopers were able to hold the enemy and won the time to approach the reserve Federal forces.

Photo: From family archive of heroes How they lived and died Pskov paratroopers

And now, 20 years on, Russia remembers the heroes. “Honor the names of all those who fought for Russia in the fight against international terrorism, Putin said at a memorial concert in honor of the victims, organized at the recreation center on the territory of the regiment. Twenty years have passed since those tragic and heroic events in the Argun gorge, but the courage of soldiers and officers, entered into an unequal battle with the bandits, will forever remain in the annals of military glory of the Fatherland”.

In those years, the President said, Russia was going through very difficult times, was breaking from the inside the country internal political struggle collapsed in the former system of social Economics, impoverished millions of people.

“And, of course, our weakness took advantage from the outside, external forces – reminded the head of state. – Russia was forced to withstand the brutal attacks of international terrorism in the North Caucasus. It was no exaggeration about the fate of Russia, the preservation of its integrity, of security the security of our citizens.”

the soldiers of the sixth company, Putin said, fought to the death defending Home. “They honorably fulfilled their duties, were given a fitting rebuff to the enemy, unleashed against Russia’s criminal war. We know that it was a hard and unequal fight,” he said.

“All the guys, not sparing themselves, fought to the end, showed true heroism and courage, the President continued. Such valor and self-sacrifice for the sake of the Motherland always was, is and will be in Russia true values, which values our people.”

Those who gave their lives in this struggle, the Russian leader said, unfortunately, there were many, especially in a difficult transition period. “Among them, and the 6th company, of a boy… And as they showed themselves! Showed courage, heroism, loyalty to the oath,” – said the head of state.

“you Know, I often think about it, I remember them very young people only that the former citizen, – Putin continued. And the country was not of such a General rise of patriotism, as was, say, during the great Patriotic war. They were caught in the Inferno. And showed what I was capable of Russian soldiers.”

Photo: Andrew Zelikow In Staraya Russa opened the busts of those who died in the Argun gorge fighters

“bow to their parents, friends, glory to the officers who trained these guys, the commanders of which were and always remained close with his men”, asked the Russian leader to the congregation.- Eternal glory and eternal memory of the immortal sixth company.”

the Link between generations, the President said, never stop running and “eternal eyes on the heroes”. Pskov paratroopers – a worthy heirs of the generation who won the Great Victory, the 75th anniversary which will be celebrated on may 9, Putin said.

the Head of state separately spoke with the relatives of dead soldiers. “Thank you for remembering our kids!” said one of the elderly womenin. “Thanks for your children”, – Putin responded.

Relatives of soldiers handed over to the President prepared by the Foundation for the memory of the 6th company of the medal dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the feat of paratroopers. In turn, the Russian leader noted that “there are some issues that need to be addressed”. For example, there is the difficulty associated with payments that rely relatives. “In different regions are different surcharges, we decide. With the governors today, talking, we decide”, – said the President.

“we Have an offer to to reward you, too, – said the participant of the meeting. – You care more about us and about all over the country. The offer from the sixth company.”

“You rewarded me with your trust. This is more than enough,” – said in response to Putin.

the Head of state also laid flowers to the monument “the Dome” in the village Cherekha. The monument was opened in 2002 by presidential decree. The pedestal of a stylized mountain peak, and on its granite slabs a list of the dead. Steel slings on a pedestal rests a metal canopy. To mark the 20th anniversary of the feat of paratroopers, the monument was completely restored.

Then Putin attended a memorial service for those killed in Chechnya paratroopers in the chapel of the Holy great Martyr and Pobedonostsa George.

Photo: Tatiana Pavlova In the Novgorod region immortalized died in the Argun gorge fighters

the President was also shown the layout of the panorama of the battle prepared by the Studio of military artists named after M. B. Grekov. The authors symbolically depicted in the famous height of 776, where the battle took place, renovated all of its key points. “It is planned a total immersion in the events in the gorge. This will be used by both light and sound,” said the artists.

Panorama are encouraged to post in the branch Park “Patriot” in PskovE. “It will be a sort of panorama of the battle of Borodino”, – said the President of the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Artists he advised to make the faces recognizable fighters. “For the family is important”, – said the head of the Russian military.

the Military has presented to the head of the state and another project – “the Road of memory”, which is implemented by the Ministry of defense and is designed to perpetuate the memory of participants of the great Patriotic war. As told, the project will be continued in the form of a multimedia Museum complex. It will include a gallery of thematic rooms that reflect the main events of the second world war. “Road of memory” will be part of the temple complex the main temple of the Russian Armed forces on the territory of the Park “Patriot” in Moscow.

to participate in the project can be anyone. For this we need to upload a photo of WWII on the site of “memory Road” or to use a special collection point of information. At the moment the site loaded with more than 840 thousand photos. Collect them help students. “We are probably the last generation that found the veterans, and our task is to convey this memory to next generations,” the guys said the President.

following his visit to the Pskov region, Putin held a review of the personnel of the 104th regiment of the guards. It once was famous f company.