The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers necessary to increase from 1.5 to 4.5 thousand unemployment benefits for the Russians, who did not have proof of income.

"For assistance in employment services and turn citizens who do not have proof of income sufficient seniority in their former place of work or they were not officially employed, such, unfortunately, is", – stated the head of state at a meeting on the situation in the labour market.

According to him, "in this case, there is a minimal size of unemployment benefit 1,5 thousand rubles." "of Course, this is not enough, these people now also need the support of the state, so from 1 may of the current year, that is, retroactively, will increase the minimum unemployment benefits three times – to 4,5 thousand", – said Putin. He said that in this volume the benefit will be paid for three months, until 1 August.

The President stressed that the money for these measures in the budget are available.

"I Ask the government in the shortest possible time to prepare the necessary regulatory framework for all solutions proposed today and to work out the interaction with the regions" – demanded the head of state.

Earlier at the meeting, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin reported on the plans to increase the minimum allowance for all unemployed Russians, not only those who lost work during the epidemic of the coronavirus. He also considers it reasonable to extend to individual entrepreneurs, who were forced to cease their activities, the same unemployment benefit as that received by citizens who have lost their jobs in the period of the epidemic.


Critical tasks

The solution of such problems as unemployment and lack of demand is the critical task of preparing the national plan of economic recovery, Putin said.

"High unemployment is an indication that the capacity of the economy is underutilized, and there remains a significant shortage of demand. And the solution to these problems is the most important task of the national plan of action for the recovery of the economy. Please pay very close attention", – said the head of state.

He stressed that all actions in this area "should be correlated with the unique situation," in which the country is due to the epidemic when it is necessary to ensure the safety of people.