the Higher military educational institutions of the Russian defense Ministry on may 9 issued the young officers. Epaulets lieutenants received 12 thousand graduates. Usually, the releases from the school and academies are held in June. But in 2020 the complicated epidemiological situation, the decision to graduate early. Still, one should prepare universities to a new set.

Releases of officers without traditional invitations relevant to each officer the ceremony, attended by relatives. They took place on the territory of universities.

the Graduates of military schools congratulated President Putin. He promised the young officers that all the plans of rearmament of the army will be finished. The army will receive strategic, not having still unique in the world of high-precision and hypersonic systems and automated drone strike complexes.

in addition, the President announced that “in the coming years is to increase the intensity of combat training, including learning new forms of interaction forces in the unannounced inspections using the most advanced technologies that will define the future shape of the army and Navy of Russia”.

the State, the President said, addressing the graduates, will “do everything necessary to provide you with decent conditions of service and life”.

Editions were held in 36 schools of the Russian defense Ministry. Of the 12 thousand graduates – 260 officers girls. 37 girls-lieutenants during her studies, she married fellow students. So to the place of service Lieutenant’s family will go along.

Just 12 thousand graduates and family – about 4 thousand.

Every fifth graduate in 2020 completed the training with honors. 420 officers with gold medals.

defense Minister Sergei Shoigu congratulated the graduates of the Military Academy of the General staff. He noted that “there are not so many such reputable military schools, the very name of which evokes respect.”

Deputy defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova in Saint Petersburg, presented diplomas to the graduates of the Military space Academy imeni A. F. Mozhayskiy. The Academy in 2020, has released more than 1,100 young professionals.

Deputy head of the Ministry of defense Andrey Kartapolov was present at the release at the Military University, which prepared military translators, lawyers, political workers, military journalists.

According to the information Bulletin of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in military educational institutions identified 1205 infected with the coronavirus. They are undergoing treatment. The health status of soldiers are normal, no symptomatic manifestations. Recovered – 272 people.