Vladimir Putin has called a blatant provocation to the rumors that the authorities plan to replace full-time education and distance learning. He stressed that schools and universities not only teach, but to educate – including instill traditional values. The representatives of the education community asked the President “nailed” voiced the starting date of exam is 29 June 2020, so it will not move. This is important both for the students and teachers who spent many months in a situation full of uncertainty.

Vladimir Putin held a meeting, which was eagerly waited by almost 700 thousand graduates of 11 classes, their teachers and parents. On it the head of state has finally announced the date of the exam itself which the pandemic coronavirus remained in limbo.

“I must admit, there were a variety of suggestions, including about the complete cancellation of this year”, – said the President. However, a steady decline in the threat of the epidemic, according to him, allows to conduct the exam across the country and start it in one day – June 29. “In the decade after all exam has become an effective mechanism of objective evaluation of knowledge, – said the GDP, the rules of these exams are clear, fair and, in my opinion, quite comfortable.”

According to the decision of the President, preparation for the exam will be implemented in remote mode. Exams will need to pass only those graduates who this year are going to enter higher education. The attestations for all 11 classics will be given on the basis of current estimates to 15 June.

to Apply for the exam, you will still several universities, and without personal presence. Enrollment will take place in August, and school starts, as expected, from 1 September. “For those graduates who for good reasons (e.g. illness) will not be able to pass the exam in June, in August it will be possible to take the exam in exam format for the remaining places in higher education institutions. That is to start studying in the fall, without losing a year”, – said Putin. According to him, the Ministry of defence agreed to postpone the military service for graduates this year. Also decided to allocate to the universities an additional budget places to “not less than 60% of the graduates could qualify for free training.”

Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov said that the holding of the mass exam – in Russian language decided to split into two days. In General, the exam will be organized with observance of all security measures: mandatory PPE, temperature measurement, disinfection, Seating arrangements, taking into account the distance of not less than 1.5 metres. At the beginning of the next school year, the Ministry, according to him, is going to hold a national validation work to “as quickly as possible to identify gaps” that could occur during remote training the other students.

the Director of the presidential physical-mathematical Lyceum Maxim Pratusevich on behalf of the entire educational community thanked the President for the announcement of the start date of the exam and expressed hope that it “will be nailed”. However, he recalled that teachers were prepared to a slightly different schedule of certification and in accordance with it was painted on vacation. Now their plans are canceled, “but the problem with holidays as it is necessary to solve”. According to Pratusevich, despite the fact that the school was fully prepared for distance learning, “children EN masse wanna go to school” and “dream about the moment when I can go down there.”

Similar sentiments are observed in the environment of Russian students. Rectors of the Moscow and St. Petersburg universities assured the President that successfully passed the stress tests associated with the transition to distance learning, and even noticed a number of positive aspects. In particular, according to the head of the St. Petersburg state University Nikolay Kropachev, significantly increased attendance at the faculty, which ended Putin: now it is much higher than the traditional 30%(undergraduate) and 50% (the rest). “But nothing can replace live communication of the teacher and the student,” is like a mantra repeated rectors. Victor Sadovnichy has informed that almost 70% of MSU professors don’t want next semester to conduct lectures and seminars online and expect to meet personally with students on 1 September.

the President assured that the state has no plans to abandon full-time education, closing traditional schools and universities. Such rumors and stuffing, according to him, are outright provocation. Putin urged the universities in this situation to reconsider and not raise the price of tuition for students. Dropped due to pandemic extra-budgetary revenues that go to pay teachers, the high school will be compensated for these purposes is allocated more than RUB 40 billion the President also instructed the government “to study the question of reduced rates on educational loans from the current more than 8% to 3% and extend the term of repayment”.

Separately, the meeting discussed the situation related to the organization of children’s leisure in the context of the pandemic. As stated Kravtsov, health campaign throughout the country is scheduled to begin July 1, however, the governors within their authority may move this term to the right or to the left. According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, children in camps will be able to do without the “mask mode”. However, it will have to sacrifice the “parent days” and pass universal testing cowed.

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