Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding the Ushakov medal to Britons who participated in the Northern convoys during the Second world war. Foreigners awarded the Russian award for personal courage and bravery.

The names of seven veterans is specified in the document, which is posted on the Internet-portal of legal information. The Northern convoys were used during the war as a way of shipping goods from the USA, Canada, Britain, the Soviet Union across the North Atlantic.

Formed such convoys in Liverpool Bay and Loh-Yu, as well as in the ports of Iceland. For 10-14 days they traveled to Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Molotovsk, bypassing the occupied Norway. In the Barents sea, they were joined by ships of the USSR.

Earlier reported that President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding state awards of the Russian Federation. Among those who will get one of these, is the mayor of the Norwegian commune of Sør-Varanger.