Putin has approved the date for a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution

Recall that the basic bill was based on the President’s initiatives voiced in the address to the Federal Assembly. Now the working group, which includes MPs and experts working on amendments to the second reading. It, as told in the state Duma, planned for March 10.

work on the amendments is very active, the President stated. In General, the working group has received about 900 proposals. “They are serious, substantive in nature, – said the head of the state – in almost all areas of our life, the life of the state, come from different people, and therefore focuses on the critical, but different topics”.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG the Constitution prescribes the inadmissibility of falsifying istorijos showed interest

the focus of the developers of the amendments was, first and foremost, the quality of life of people and citizens noticed that the proposed measure, as they say, “Pro-life” and meet their interests. This proved the results of research poll, about which the President said the co-chair of raggruppa, head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov. Based on the results of a survey he concluded that the main proposals for amendments to the Constitution meet the request of people. More than 90% of citizens support main for the citizens of the blocks of amendments. Attention citizens attracted to social issues, said Krasheninnikov. This high quality medical care and protection of children, the indexation of pensions. The highest level of support also have amendments on the subject of family support, protection of territorial integrity and sovereignty, constraints on officials, protect the rights of workers, as well as changes in culture. The interest in the community to the impending changes is growing, said Krasheninnikov. The survey showed high awareness (79%) about the upcoming vote, the intention of most citizens to participate (66%).

Children – guarantee of the future

It is so among the amendments was the proposal presented to the state Duma Olga Batalina. She recalled that for any parent there is no greater happiness than to see and know that his child is healthy, happy and successful in life. Family and children – guarantee of the future of Russia, reminded batalina. The state has already proved it by investing in measures to support the family and motherhood.

“that is Why we offer directly written in the Constitution that children are the most important treasure of Russia”, – said the MP. According to her, it is also proposed to prescribe that the state not only creates the conditions that contribute to the comprehensive development of the child, but also pays enough attention to his upbringing.

– I think this is quite justified, – Putin said, responding in General to this initiative.

a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution will be held on April 22,

Another amendment for the second reading stipulates that the joint jurisdiction of the state and regional governments is the protection of the family and the institution of marriage as the Union of a man and woman. The working group agreed that the unthinkable situation in which the Russian families will say “parent number one and parent number two” instead of “Papa” and “Mama”.

the Aid comes at

In the discussion as follows from the list the important themes dominated social subjects. The meeting came up with proposals for fixing in the Constitution of a single socio-oriented state policy, the indexation of pensions and other benefits. The most important thing to the Basic Law in the updated version became a long-term contract between government and society, detailing the social obligations of the state, regardless of the economic situation.

Important concepts.p – support of a specific person who needs it. So, one of the amendments States that in the Russian Federation are guaranteed the provision of targeted social assistance and indexation of social benefits and other welfare benefits. Prescribed also the indexation of pensions at least once a year.

the head of the National medical chamber Leonid Roshal told the President about another argument for the Constitution. In accordance with it quality health care should be available in every corner of the country. It “is fundamental for the ordinary citizen”, supported the idea of Putin. He also endorsed voiced Roshal amendment regarding “joining” state and municipal levels in the health system. It is unacceptable that primary care remained “as if it is not clear for whom,” agreed the President.

the Official “in conjunction” with the people

Working man – “working man” – should not be poor, sure rgruppe. This is related to the amendments to the Basic Law, which also told Putin. Is a thesis about the salary not below a living wage and respect for the work. As explained by Putin, the head of trade Union of workers of APK Natalya Agapova, the addition of such points will give a new impetus to the negotiations between workers and employers, who often allow themselves deviations from the minimum wage.

the President supported these theses. Also approval was given to the idea of fixing in the Constitution the duty of the state to promote entrepreneurship and private initiative. As explained by the head of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin, it is important to reflect in the Constitution the fact that in Russia increase the significance and relevance of creative entrepreneurial work.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev Pavel Krasheninnikov has told about the work on amendments to the Constitution

was Support for amendments on development of scientific-technical potential of Russia, the preservation of cultural heritage, protection of the environment.

However, to science, medicine, social institutions were and remained advanced, the Russian officials should always and everywhere be with their country. In this regard, the working group proposed amendments on restrictions, which are designed to protect the country from attempts at outside influence. The officials and deputies should not be “conflict of interest”. The initiative on this subject was voiced by the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. In the Constitution, he said, proposed to prescribe a prohibition for senior officials, including the President, to have property and assets abroad.

Vladimir Putin has supported this idea and presented arguments in favor of this rule. “When a person goes to work as senior officials in a particular structure, it needs to make a choice – said the President – he wants to have any assets abroad or wants to serve the people of Russia and not be burdened with connections to anyone that can impose on him some restrictions when making decisions in the interests of the Russian Federation”.

While Vladimir Putin himself has proposed to expand the list of such persons to whom restrictions apply. Namely, to include the head of state (in the initial list, the President has not been named).

Kosachev also told about the proposal, which will be able to make amendments to the Constitution of the new protection of the country and its borders. Declare invalid any actions directed on alienation of the territory. It is also important that the Basic Law protects the country from contradicting decisions of international bodies.

the Basic Law protects the history

the President also supported the idea to prescribe in the Constitution the provision on the inadmissibility of falsification of history. However, the head of state noted that “steal” from the country’s victory in the Second world war is impossiblecan. “Berlin-who stormed whose flag over the Reichstag waving? No one will forget”, – said Putin. Whatever it was, he thought it appropriate to draw in the basic Law focus on the protection of historical truth and the inadmissibility of the depreciation of the value of the feat of the people in the defense of the Fatherland. He supported and proposed the thesis of the preservation of the spiritual unity of the “Russian world”.

the working group received a lot of interesting ideas. No reasonable proposal will not be lost. And the proposed date of voting on April 22. The assent of the President on this issue is received.