on Wednesday, the head of state in the videoconference held a meeting on the incident in Krasnoyarsk region with the regional administration and the heads of relevant Federal agencies. He was troubled by the fact that information about the incident came late.

“Why the authorities learned about it only two days? Are we going to learn about emergencies from social networks?” the President said after the report of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USSA and demanded an explanation from the head of the company that owns the emergency tank Sergei lypyna.

“I’ll have to ask the relevant authorities to law enforcement to figure out what from whom it was transferred, where transferred, and what was the reaction of all who should, in accordance with the instructions to operate properly,” – said Vladimir Putin.

He also gave instructions on elimination of consequences of the accident. In particular, the President agreed with the proposal of the head of the Ministry of emergency situations Evgeny Senichev to declare the incident in Norilsk emergency of the Federal character. This will reduce the time to mobilize forces and means for the recovery of spilled fuel.

“I Beg you as soon as possible to begin work related to the prevention of further negative impact on the environment. And, of course, a key issue is the disposal of collected oil,” he said, referring to the Minister for emergency situations. Eugene Zimichev in response promised to submit their proposals to the head of state on Friday 5 June.

on the Morning of may 29 as a result of depressurization of one of the spare tanks on the roadway of the highway to the CHP-3 in Norilsk at the industrial site of Nadezhda metallurgical plant resulted in a large number of diesel fuel. A significant part of petroleum products fell in the river Barn. The information about the incident, according to Eugene Senicheva, was received by the MOE on may 31. He also said that at the present time collected 100 tons of oil and polluted soil.