Putin explained the difference between national projects and state programs

“I need not “cheers”. I need the country to develop. Steadily, steadily, steadily on a broad front,” – said Vladimir Putin. The airport of Vladivostok, far Eastern Federal University, post-Olympic Sochi is a point results. And all the old tools, including state programs do not meet the challenges that now stand.

Putin approved the composition of the Council for strategic development and projects

the President once again reminded the difference between project and programme: first defined specific tasks, for example, on demographics, then the additional resources for their decisions and responsible person. Such targeting has never happened before. Yes, there are problems associated with the fact that there are national goals, and there are national projects as an instrument for achieving them, and perhaps they need to be combined. But it should all line up and to hone in the course of practical work. “But we can’t just sit and watch as the water flows”, – said the head of state.

On the question of the difference between today’s projects from “Medvedev’s national projects,” Putin explained, then what was the programme: “Talk about a common problem, and organizing the overall work to achieve, it was not clear how.” Now there are goals, for example in demography is to achieve-the average age for life expectancy, and specifically allocated resources. To fight the cancer so much, with cardiovascular – so much on improving regulations and reducing deaths on the roads – so much. And on every issue – personal responsibility. “These tools we’ve never tried before,” concluded the President.