For energy now it is a difficult time. Recently, the head of state met via videoconference with representatives of the largest oil and gas companies. They discussed the situation in the industry. Now the President has decided to meet separately with the head of “Rosneft” personally.

Rosneft is the largest taxpayer, maybe even the biggest, said Vladimir Putin and offered to discuss the situation in the industry in General, and about the health of the company. It is clear that the drop in demand in the world – the main problem for all, said the President and asked what the interviewee considers the most urgent for Russian energy and what should be support from the state.

Indeed, “Rosneft” last year became the largest taxpayer, including, forming 18 percent of the budget revenues, said Sechin. The activities of the company supports the corporate ecosystem 2.5 million people. It and contractors, and equipment manufacturers, and service companies. The investment amounted to 950 billion roubles last year.

“And this year, as planned?” – asked Putin. Given the dramatic state of the global oil market and in respect of decisions about production cuts will have a portion of capital costs to shrink, said the source. “We will try to keep our investment program at the level of 750 billion approximately”, – he said. The company understands the responsibility for maintaining the health of employees and organized 250 detention facilities in the regions, 68 Observatorul that intrudes watch before work. Megahome time increased from 30 days to 90. “And it brings results,” said the speaker. The situation is completely under control.

“still, 200 billion reduction in capex is a lot. It is very important to keep your whole chain of contractors and subcontractors, because your orders employ a large number of industrial enterprises”, – said the head of state and asked what to do to support the “Rosneft” and keep in the optimal amount of investment.

the Key thing, where much-needed state aid is mitigation banking policy relating to availability of credit, availability of working capital, Sechin said. And this also applies to contractors and suppliers. “If there was the possibility of increasing the limits on the creditor, it would help to support our investment programs, including even new start, meaning that in the future two to three years we will overcome the crisis, and it will be necessary to provide the market with new volumes of hydrocarbons,” he said. “The availability of credit on terms that are now taken by the Central Bank. This ruble-denominated loans to the extent, which is�� our banking system,” – said the head of “Rosneft”.

Sechin Also asked to defer tax payments to future periods for works related to geological exploration. And even called another key issue is the alignment of tariffs of transport monopolies to the current prices in the market. “In 2008, for example, the price of oil in rubles was about 1100 rubles, now 1200 is comparable quantities. But before the rate was 822 rubles per ton of bleeding, and today more than two thousand: 2100 rubles,” – he argued. To which the President replied that he understood the concerns and promised to discuss. “We are not asking for any special privileges, but the alignment in response to falling prices would be for us, of course, significant. Currently, 32 per cent are transport costs from cost oil,” continued Sechin.

“with regard to exploration, in principle, in the same vein, we have discussed with your colleagues the possible creation of a Fund for companies that are engaged in drilling, it is roughly in the same direction”, – Putin said. But the source said that then it was about local projects completion of some wells, which increased to the level of slaughtering, but not completed, and they are faced with the question: if they are not completing this work will then return to the use of these wells. And the request of the head of “Rosneft” was about something else – about exploration in General, exploration drilling: transfer taxes, “with this difficult period of time in a period of higher prices.” “Understood. You have written some suggestions?” – said the President. Having heard the affirmative answer, he said, “Okay, agreed.”

the CEO also showed a video about the project “Vostok oil” is one of the new promising projects, which will issue after the stabilization of the market of new volumes. Now began exploratory drilling on the Taimyr Peninsula. “Down first Aframax tanker to natural gas is the “Star”,” – said Sechin. “Also no one believed,” he said. “I know. This is a real victory, congratulations” – praised Putin.