Russian President Vladimir Putin left unrecognized during his visit to the 40th hospital in Kommunarka during an outbreak of the coronavirus. About it the head doctor Denis Protsenko said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

At the clinic the head of state traveled in a yellow protective suit.

“moreover, the doctors and nurses who saw the President only in the intensive care unit and the emergency Department, only from the evening news know who was the man in yellow protective suit,” admitted Protsenko.

The visit in question took place in March, when the epidemic COVID-19 in Russia is only beginning to gain momentum.The President talked with the doctor and visited the patients. A few months later — at the end of June — Putin explained the meaning of his trip to the so-called red zone.

“it is One thing to know on the reports, and another — to come and to see. I have always, in fact, so did, where would that neither have happened,” he said, adding that everyone was against this decision.