Putin did not rule out postponing the vote on the Constitution because of the coronavirus

I hope very much that on April 22, people will come and support these changes – said the head of state. He has already discussed with the CEC President by Ella Pamfilova, the possibility of postponing the vote scheduled date to a later date.

I said yesterday at the meeting with Chairman of Central election Commission: if there are problems associated with the known coronavirus, the law allows us to safely move to the right, that is, on schedule, to postpone to a later date this vote, – said Vladimir Putin. – The law does not limit does not limit in this respect.

Photo: Sergey Guneev/RIA Novosti Peskov said the presidential decree on the date of the popular vote

Putin added that the first plan will be to the life and health of citizens. “Because, if the epidemiological situation will allow, it will hold a nationwide vote if there is a little move”, he concluded.

In any event, voting authority will carry out with observance of all precautions, with use of means of protection, the President said. So, at a certain distance from each other are installed booths.

in addition, the vote “and at home can be”, recalled the President. “Why not,” said he.

Putin also gave a comparison: in France, a far more serious situation with the spread of the coronavirus, but there is still not refused to hold elections.

Note that the possibility of remote voting provided by the law on amendments to the Constitution – it can be used the capabilities of the portal “public Services”. As to the date of the vote, it is in the document not specified. It is noted that it is defined in the decree of the President.

Video: RT