Putin demanded to fight the overpricing of products

the Head of state stressed the existence of problems in connection with the coronavirus, with energy prices, noted the implications for global stock markets to exchange rates.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin instructed to develop a set of measures to combat cybercrime

“All this is somehow reflected in our economy, its functioning, he said. – It is therefore very important to continue working together with the FAS, the exchange of information with FAS, for combating offences in the field of price formation for food products”.

Putin instructed to work on this everywhere: both in the center and in the field. And also to continue efforts on creation of favorable investment climate and protection of interests of participants of economic activities. “It is always important but in this situation, in our current situation this is especially important, because we need to support those who actually work in the economy, creates and protects jobs, provides an appropriate level of wages and production is required throughout the country of goods,” he said.