Putin considers unacceptable to use the state Council for extending the powers of

he stated in an interview for the documentary project “Flying over the abyss” (an excerpt was shown on TV channel “Russia-1” in the program “Vesti Nedeli”).

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin: the Number of presidential terms in Russia it is necessary to restrict

“Now a lot of rumors that some alternative and parallel authorities to create, – said the head of state. For example, to give the Council additional functions”.

“I Consider absolutely unacceptable”, – said Vladimir Putin. “I understand that, to be honest, I will be able to control the situation in such a way that it was stable. But to create a situation of dual power in the future, the prospect for the country is absolutely devastating,” – said he.

“If I were to summarize everything I said, the conclusion is: I don’t want and will not to renew its authority to create such a system of government in Russia, which is unacceptable for her or disastrous”, – concluded the head of state.

Recall that on this subject the President also spoke during the conversation with the public in Ivanovo.