Putin congratulates women on March 8

“This holiday is always filled with joy, flowers, gifts, sincere and heartfelt feelings, – said the head of state. – We hasten to congratulate our mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends, colleagues, tell them about our admiration and love, respect and gratitude that you, our dear women, the best in the world”.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA Novosti opened In Moscow festival “You favorite”

Women “mysteriously” manages to do everything: to take care of the comfort of home, to achieve significant successes in work or study, said Vladimir Putin. “And always remain charming, beautiful and feminine, he continued. – It affects your ability to love whole-heartedly, deeply empathize with the joy and patience to care for loved ones.” “It is very important that these values are passed from generation to generation that daughters learn from their mothers just this attitude to life, to family, to children in the future”, – said the President.

Photo: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation the defense Ministry has opened a section on the wives of the generals of world war II

the Head of state addressed the mothers who “give the world a new unique life, raise children, care for them every day, give them all my love.” “This is the most crucial, difficult, but the most noble and rewarding work,” he said.

Putin wished women happiness. “I understand that very much depends on us men and we will try our bebe worthy of you, to take as many worries. And we will always do so. And 8 March,” he said.